From Torres del Rio to Logrono

From Torres del Rio to Logrono

Day 8, Saturday 31 August 2013

Distance to Santiago:  663,6 km

We left again early for Logrono and had a pleasant walk in the cool, fresh morning.

2013-08-31-IMG_0608 2013-08-31-IMG_0609 On the way to Viana





Viana Iglesia da Santa Maria

.2013-08-31-IMG_0610 2013-08-31-IMG_0614 2013-08-31-IMG_0615
The landscape on the way to Logrono

Iglesia de Santiago el Real
Garden, Logrono


One of the carvings outside Iglesia de Santiago is of Santiago Matamoros or St James the Moor-slayer.

2013-08-31-IMG_0619 2013-08-31-IMG_0620


2013-08-31-IMG_0631 Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Redonda







Logrono is a university city and the capital of La Rioja, a region famous for its wines.
We treated ourselves and stayed in a hotel to have a decent night’s sleep. We enjoyed the buzz of the city, especially the people who seemed to enjoy themselves relaxing on a Saturday with live street music everywhere. It had a carnival atmosphere.
We had a hard day’s walk with limited shade and very steep parts. To solve the problem of being  60 km behind schedule, Marinda arranged to rent bicycles for a day to try to catch up.  The bicycles would be delivered the next morning. Our baggage would be transported to our end destination for the day.

We walked 23 km.