From Larrasoana to Pamplona

From Larrasoana to Pamplona

Day 4, Tuesday 27 August 2013

Distance to Santiago 759 km

In Larrasoana, we stayed in a guesthouse because all the pilgrim accommodation was full.
We loved it there because of the personal and friendly attention we received. The meal that night was as Spanish as can be and delicious.

The cafe in Larrasoana where scenes of The Way was shot with Martin Sheen in the lead.

Inside the cafe
The women’s son played a small role in the movie. She pinned up photos of her son and Martin Sheen against the wall. In this photo she was busy pinning up a R10 Mandela note, which she was very glad to receive mainly because of the Mandela image. After a nice cup of coffee we hit the road to Pamplona.

I was very sad to abandon my pair of Solomons.
I found that my mind wanted to carry on but the body did not want to. We both felt that our bags were still too heavy and also left the solar phone battery charger on the Camino. Both of us felt that our batteries should be charged.
The way to Pamplona was a tranquil walk along the tree-lined river.

One problem we encountered was that although there were plenty drinking fonts, there were a lack of toilet facilities. We tried to be well-prepared for these situations, therefore we brought along a shewee that provided woman with a simple, private and hygienic method of urinating while standing up. The use of this device can be described as a liberating experience.

A scene on the way to Pamplona.

Trinidad de Arre
Trinidad de Arre

Reaching Pamplona was like walking into the noise and bustle of city life after the relative calm of the Camino.

We reached our destination for the day and had only walked 17 km for the day.
We were so exhausted and I felt as if a train hit me. There was not a place in my body that did not hurt. We felt on the bed and slept for hours.