From Espinal to Larrasoana

From Espinal to Larrasoana

Day 3, Monday 26 August 2013

Distance to Santiago 784 km

The road to Espinal was partly through the Sorgintzaren forest also known as “Oakwood of witches.”

Gothic Pilgrims Cross

We walked through the small town Burguete on the way to Espinal. Apparently Ernest Hemingway used to stay in the Hotel Burguete. We were too tired to have a look and walk through the town to reach our destination.
We walked through farmyards with chickens and cattle on the road. The rule of the Camino is that the animals should not be disturbed, fed or pet. If I were not so tired, I would enjoy the peaceful and beautiful surroundings more. We reached the Albergue at 20:00 (still light) and settled for a good rest. We have walked nearly 31 km for the day.
The next morning, Monday 26 August we left at 9:00. It was raining, it was nice and fresh.

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We walked through beautiful beech wood forests. The path was resurfaced and was slippery when wet. On a steep downhill path, I unfortunately slipped and rolled down a few steps. By miracle, I was not injured, except for a few bruises and scratches.


We reached Larrasoana and had walked 25 km for the day.