Day 31, Monday 23 September 2013

On our second day in Finisterre we decided that we would spend the day on the Praia de San Roque beach. CrucerosWe did not have a classic sunset when we visited the lighthouse and decided to go on a cruise at sunset to have the experience of witnessing sunset in Finisterre.


We had breakfast at the restaurant near the harbour with one of the hosts this friendly dog.  It also had a small fashion shop, which catered for gypsy, hippy type of clothing, where Marinda bought a beautiful colourful crochet top.  The colours were red, orange, yellow, green, blue and lilac, which we found out later were the colours associated with gay and lesbians.

Praia de San Roque Praia de San Roque 1

After breakfast we went down to the  beach. We watched the fishing boats come and go on a sea so calm that you would not believe you were on the untamed Costa da Morte (Coast of Death). It was cloudy but we hoped that the sun would shine.  The beach was empty except for a few people.

Praia de San Roque 2

It was so relaxing and luxurious to be on the beach, doing nothing, just relaxing with the sand, the sun the sea.  There was not any crowds, noise or hurry.  Just relaxation.  Heaven.

Harbour Fisterra 1 Harbour Fisterra

When it was time, we board the boat.  It was partly cloudy although the sun was visible.  We first cruise in the bay of Fisterra and later turned around in the direction of the light house, Cabo Fisterra.

Fisterra2 Fisterra

Our journey to “the end of the world” was more than worthwhile and a perfect ending of our long walks on the Camino.

Cabo Fisterra Cabo Fisterra1

Before the arrival of Christianity, the Europeans already treated Fisterra as a mandatory place of pilgrimage. The discovery of the remains of the Apostle contributed to more pilgrims participating in a myth that had both terrified and drawn mankind for thousands of years.

Fishers Cabo

The majestic sight of the cliffs overhanging the Atlantic Ocean, the sea battering against them and the feeling that there is nothing between this remote corner of Europe and the New World but this enormous mass of water, will leave their mark on you.

End of the world Going back

We were not able to see the sun set and disappear into the sea because it started to rain.  Therefore I must come back one day and visit the awesome place again. Okay not really, the experience as it was, was more than rewarding.