From Logrono to Vilamayor del Rio

From Logrono to Vilamayor del Rio

Day 9, Sunday 1 September 2013

Distance to Santiago:  640,6 km

We received the bicycles early the morning and our aim were to cycle 78 km from Logrono to Belorado to make up for the 60 km behind schedule and to gain a few extra kilometres. The bike company would transport our luggage to the point where we would end our bike ride.

2013-09-01-IMG_0644 2013-09-01-IMG_0645 2013-09-01-IMG_0646 2013-09-01-IMG_0648







On the way to Santo Domingo de la Calzada






It took a while for me to get used to the bicycle but soon we enjoyed the ride. As usual, there were a few steep hills where we had to push the bicycles.

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In the afternoon it was very hot and as usual I struggled with the heat and exhaustion.
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We were still 8 km from our target but decided to overnight at Viloria de la Rioja. Paulo Coelho is a supporter of the Albergue there and we decided to sleep there and arranged with the bike company to pick up the bikes.
Some Albergues honour the true spirit of being a pilgrim and have notices that they prefer to provide accommodation only to pilgrims who walked, cycled or rode on horseback and carried their own backpacks. This albergue was one of them. When the owner noticed that we did not carry our own bags he suggested that we seek other accommodation. Therefore we had to go to Villamayor del Rio where we stayed for the night.









We cycled 71 km for the day and were relieved that we had caught up with our schedule.