From Pamplona to Puenta la Reina

From Pamplona to Puenta la Reina

Day 5, Wednesday 28 August 2013

Distance to Santiago 742 km

After a long and deep sleep we woke up to face a day of walking at least 25 km with bodies that ached and myself doubting my ability to do this. We were still behind schedule and had to catch up which contributed to the hopelessness.
We both still felt tired and wasted and  wanted to stay in bed and sleep more.  We decided to take a day off but could not extent the accommodation, we had no choice. We packed up and started the day after drinking cataflam, rehydrate, using reparil gel, etc. The previous evening we again identified items that we could live without and decided to send it back to Marinda’s home in London.

While walking out of Pamplona I regret not being able to explore the city.  Pamplona  is famous worldwide for the San Fermín festival, from July 6 to 14, in which the running of the bulls is one of the main attractions. This festival was brought to literary renown with the 1926 publication of Ernest Hemingway‘s novel The Sun Also Rises.  There are also many interesting monuments, cathedrals and museums to be explored.
Outside Pamplona on the way to past Cizur Menor we walked past a sunflower field.

Smiling Sunflower
The beautiful landscape and the peaceful surroundings gave us a boost.







We rest awhile eating a sweet and juicy peach near the ruins of a palace of the Duke of Guendulain (16 th century).




2013-08-28-IMG_0443 2013-08-28-IMG_0444 2013-08-28-IMG_0446 2013-08-28-IMG_0447 2013-08-28-IMG_0448

We continue our walk through hot and shadeless landscape heading uphill to a wind farm.





It was a steep climb uphill but was rewarded by breath-taking views of the surroundings.

2013-08-28-IMG_0456 2013-08-28-IMG_0467 2013-08-28-IMG_0468 2013-08-28-IMG_0471

At the top (altitude 790 m) is a wrought iron representation of medieval pilgrims.

2013-08-28-IMG_0485 2013-08-28-IMG_0487 2013-08-28IMG_0495


Walking into Uterga at 16:00 (siesta)





Walking into Obanos at 18:00, still more than 2 km to walk to Puenta la Reina.


Albergue Jakue

We reached our destination and stayed in Albergue Jakue, one of the best so far.
We had walked 25,8 km for the day.